Associates in Behavioral Diagnostics and Treatment

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Psychological Care for You and Your Family

At Associates in Behavioral Diagnostics and Treatment, we are dedicated to providing a range of psychological diagnostic and treatment services for children, adults, and families. It is our mission to help clients achieve their personal goals in a safe, comfortable and therapeutic environment.

Our clinicians take an active role in helping clients build the strengths needed to develop effective coping skills, remove barriers to change and achieve personal growth.

We service Moon Township, Robinson Township, and the North Hills, with convenient locations in each area.

Services for Children

Assessment & Diagnostic Services for Children:

  • ADHD Assessments and Treatment 
  • Assessments of General Emotional and Behavioral Disturbance
  • Autism Spectrum Assessment/Testing (ADOS) 
  • Early Childhood Developmental Assessment
  • Learning Disabilities Testing
  • Mental Health Well-Child Check-ups
  • Psychological/Neuropsychological Testing 
  • School Readiness Testing for Pre-K/Kindergarten 
  • Wraparound/BHRS Evaluations

Psychotherapy Services for Children:

  • Behavioral and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Early Childhood Treatment for Sleep Problems, Tantrums
  • Parent Training for Behavior Management
  • Social Skills and Communication Skills Training
  • Treatment for Tics/Tourette's Disorder and Hair Pulling (Habit Reversal Therapy)
  • Treatment of Emotional (anxiety/depression) and/or Behavior (Conduct) Problems, ADHD

Services for Adults

  • Brief/Solution-Focused Psychotherapy
  • College Student Learning Disability Assessment
  • Couples and Marriage Counseling
  • Grief Counseling
  • Individual Psychotherapy
  • Behavioral Medicine
  • Psychological Testing

  • Insight-Oriented Psychotherapy
  • Life Coaching and Motivational Counseling
  • Parent Training
  • Treatment for Depression/Anxiety
  • Treatment for Postpartum Depression
  • Family Therapy