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Associates in Behavioral Diagnostics and Treatment (AIBDT) was created to provide a center for excellence in psychological testing, diagnostics, and treatment for children, adults, and families. 
AIBDT is a group of independent psychologists and professional counselors with a wide range of specialty training and experience who have come together to provide mental and behavioral health services to individuals across the lifespan.  While each therapist may have a unique philosophy and individual therapeutic framework, the group is unified in the mission of helping clients to achieve the personal goals that are important to them within a safe and therapeutic relationship. Our clinicians value understanding a person from an integrative perspective, centering on thoughts and beliefs, behaviors, emotions, and family/interpersonal experiences.  The clinicians will take an active approach in helping each client to build individual strengths necessary to further develop effective coping skills, remove barriers to change, and achieve personal growth.
In addition to general counseling, we have specialists in neurobehavioral disorders (e.g., Tourette's Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD), child development, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Women's health (including postpartum depression), stress and anger management, anxiety/depression, parenting, and Behavioral Medicine.
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